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Medium-sized Stories and Training sessions.
The stories and training sessions here are shorter versions of those found in the " full-length" section

Aims and Goals in Life

DIscover that life has a meaning

Where are you going


Anger hurt insults bad-words


The three stances: Assertiveness-submissiveness-aggression 



Inner Freedom



Different attitudes towards life

How we face unpleasant realities - Fight or Flight?

Right and wring attitudes to life

Selfish and unselfish attitudes

Self-centered and other attitudes to life

Unconcern towards others needs


Authority and Power

Authority and Power are meant for service

The nature and dangers of authority


Bettering Life's Situations


Building up

Every aspect of Life is a building up process


Be Childlike

Children are the firt to enter the kingdom of God

Not Childish, Not old - Be Child-like


Christian Life

We are to be the light to others.


Christmas Themes

Let's examine our Christmas Celebrations

Only the pure of heart can see Jesus



Honest in communication

Don't rush to conslusions - learn to ask questions.



Be compassionate like Jesus


Follow your own judgement and conscience - not public opinion.


Contradictions in our life


Co-operation and Unity

We are the Tree


Courage - Daring

Courage to jump out of teh Rut and find new paths to success



Democracy, it's meaning and worth.



Reality v/s Appearances

Finding the Will of God in the events of your Life

  • A man carrying two baskets
  • Ecumenism

    A divided Church, reunion of all Christian Churches.



    Love for nature

    Greed exhausts the world's resources

    Modern development or Modern Degeneration

    We destroy our home - Earth

    Earth - A mother to be loved, or an enemy to be conquered.



    Effective teaching approach

    Degrees or Pedegrees

    Don't paper your children, let them experience the pains of growing up

    Education for responsible freedom

    How much do you care for your children

    Discipline is needed

    Overprotective parents cripple their children's growth Social function of education Two styles of education The myth of integral education



    How your children learn

    Mother's Love

    Mother's Love

    How much do we care for our children

    In the home values are caught not taught

    Wrong family values crush out children

    Dangers to the family - materialistic values break the family.

    Encourage your children to be independent and to stand on their own feet.


    Fickleness and Vanity



    Forgive we can gorget we can't.


    Freedom of conscience



    Giving onself to othes - Jesus the "giving tree"

    Give to God your all


    God never fails

    Saying yes to God

     God's wonders

     God's love is a gift

     God's love made man

     God's will be done


     Greed runs our happiness

    Greed blinds us, bluffs us and ruins our life

    Greed - The great killer

    Greed's divisive and destuctive power



    Happiness is where you are



    Holiness is found in simplicity and sincerity of heart

    Holiness made easy



    The value of hope



    Jesus' concern for us

    Jesus and Prejudice

    Jesus's Vocation - He fulfilled His task


    Self knowledge - now your own worth

    Knowing through your heart


    Meaning of Love

    Love your enemies

    Loving and serving God through others



  • Things money can't buy.
  • Paradoxes

    Paradoxes of modern living


    Watch out, control your growing passions right from the start.


    First, we are citizens of the world


    Perceptions condition our thinking and feeling.

    Perceptions is limited and relative.

    Powe of images.


    Lose yourself in me.

    Prayer Exercise-Docility to God's will

    Prayer Exercise-Contemplation, finding God in all things.


    Prayer Themes

    Prayer methods v/s Prayer

    True prayer is abandonment to God's will

    Humility and simplicity are necessary for prayer

    Prayer of petition



    Even God can't please everybody



    Computers that can "feel", do they exist?


    Religious Life

    Evangelical Virtues v/s Religious Vows.



    Acceptance-Self love,

    Be genuine, be real

    Self discovery - discover and use your talents to the full.

    Self discovery - discovering your inner riches.

    Self mechanisms - inferiority complexes - Status Symbols.

    Society's sophistication kills teh best in us.

    Self-confidence - face your fears.

    Self-contentment - enjoy your present moment.


    Self rejection - The Portrait.

    Self righteousness - The blaming game.

    Self withdrawl - shyness, fears, escape mechanisms.

    Self control - mind your language.

    Self satisfaction.

    Self confidence - believe in yourself.

    Self deluson - be honest with yourself.

    Self esteem.

    Self image(I) - It's nature and importance.

    Self image(II) - It's formation, deformation and reformation.

    Self image (shorter version)


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